Olga V.  Mack

Olga V. Mack

"There’s drive. And then there’s Olga Mack.
Her primary role is general counsel at ClearSlide, a San Francisco-based SaaS sales and marketing engagement startup. Mack also serves as advisor for TimeJoy and ChannelMeter, two early-stage startups. Most recently, Mack founded the Women Serve on Boards Movement. If that weren’t enough, in her remaining spare time, she co-founded an organization called SunLaw, which is dedicated to helping in-house female attorneys obtain general counsel and leadership positions. Yet among all of her professional accomplishments, what truly stands out is Mack’s unwavering passion for empowering herself and others. It’s a rare and inspiring combination of always reaching beyond the realm of of established possibility, and never forgetting where she came from." - Excerpt by Katia Bloom published in ACC Docket. Learn more at http://olgamack.com/