Something was suddenly wrong with me and I didn’t know what. Headaches,then loss of coordination, speech, vision, and hearing, all over the course of one year. I lost my job, girlfriend, and social life.
I moved across the county to find happiness. There I met Dr. Hilewitz who introduced me to genetic testing. I foolishly refused the test due to its cost. Later down the road I went through with the test. This changed my life. My doctor was able to understand the test results, it gave me an understanding of how my body works and how to improve it. I was now aware of things to watch out for when I have children.
My MTHFR gene is mutated. Vaccinating a baby with a mutated MTHFR gene can result in autism. The probability of having a susceptible autism gene, AND having parents who don’t vaccinate their young was like winning the lottery. I’m not saying vaccinations are bad, just be careful if you have a mutated MTHFR gene.
I have only good things to say about genetic testing.