Dr. Mary Ellen  Shannon

Dr. Mary Ellen Shannon

Dr. Shannon graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in nursing and a minor in chemistry. She continued her education at the University of Health in Sciences/Chicago Medical School. In 1991, she completed a residency at the Phoenix integrated OB/GYN program. While running her very successful OB/GYN and aesthetic practice in Arizona, she was diagnosed with a life threatening illness in 2010. The Mayo doctors gave her two years to live unless she received a heart and liver transplant. She believed this was not an acceptable treatment option for her and she began research to find alternative medicine options. A few weeks before Dr. Shannon was admitted to ICU she was told all her labs were normal and Dr. Shannon learned firsthand that conventional medicine many times fails to diagnose and manage chronic disease. Dr. Shannon is now passionate about integrative medicine. She is committed to helping patients find “the root of the cause of their disease”.