Dr. Andrew  Zakarian  D.D.S.

Dr. Andrew Zakarian D.D.S.

Dr. Andrew J. Zakarian is of Armenian descent and a native of the New York City area. After graduating from NYU College of Dentistry and earning his M.S. in Immunology and a certificate in Acupuncture, he pursued research on immunological diseases of the oral cavity at Columbia University. After moving into a clinical career, he taught a residency program at NYU. In 1997 he relocated to San Diego to participate in the holistic health movement. He has been mercury-free since 1992 and is an active member of the Hal Huggins Alliance and the International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology. The world of dentistry is changing so fast that in order to be on the “cutting edge”, he attends many hours of continuing education each year.