Howard  Lim

Howard Lim

For over 30 years, Howard A. Lim, president of HOW Creative, has represented a vast array of Fortune 500 brands, including Mattel, Jakks Pacific, Apple, Disney, DreamWorks, Acura, Xerox, Oracle, Honda, Cirque du Soleil, ATT and Paramount Pictures. As a brand designer, his contributions are responsible for billions of dollars in clients’ profits and increased equity value for each brand. Using his rich and diverse experiences, Mr. Lim has developed and refined a complete, trademarked, integrated process that blends business and marketing with an emphasis on branding. This process has crafted compelling, world-class brands for ALL size businesses that were embraced and understood across all channels. Mr. Lim is the author of Authentic Branding® and is a frequent speaker, judge, and panelist at conventions and product and business conferences. He has taught more than 75,000 entrepreneurs how to build differentiated brands that connect with customers intellectually and emotionally.